Evolution vs. Devolution (Tribe of Suits)

What has been lost, and what gained? Only time will tell. (Of course it also depends on your point of view.) Click here to see the entire documentary

Evolution vs. Devolution (14)

Anticipatory vs Catastrophic Change
by Erich Fromm (from the first chapter of his book, May Man Prevail, 1961)

Societies have lives of their own; they are based on the existence of certain productive forces, geographical and climatic conditions, techniques of production, ideas and values, and a certain type of human character that develops under these conditions. They are organized in such a way that they tend to continue existing in the particular form to which they have adapted themselves. Usually, men in each society believe that the mode in which they exist is natural and inevitable. They hardly see any other possibilities and, in fact, they tend to believe that a basic change in their own mode of existence would lead to chaos and destruction. They are seriously convinced that their way is right, sanctioned by the gods or by the laws of human nature, and that the only alternative to the continuation of the particular form in which they exist is destruction. This belief is not simply the result of indoctrination; it is rooted in the affective part of man, in his character structure, which is molded by all social and cultural arrangements so that man wants to do what he has to do, so that his energy is channeled in such a way as to serve the particular function he has to fulfill as a useful member of a given society. It is for this very reason, namely that the patterns of thought are rooted in patterns of feeling, that patterns of thought are so very persistent and resistant to change. Continue reading

Evolution vs. Devolution (10)

Setting technological accomplishments aside, the shift from human evolution to devolution appears to have begun (metaphorically) with the first person who poked a stick through their lower lip…and then convinced others it represented a cultural step forward. If you have any doubt about how far that ‘step forward’ has progressed, take a look at the brief video in Evolution vs. Devolution #9 and/or the opening clip from The Gods Must Be Crazy ;-)

Time For A New Paradigm?

Thanks for your vote! You can trust me to continue doing what I do best!

“Did you notice the date?”

“Yeah, Friday, November 9th. So what?”

“Well, its only three days into Obama’s second term and it feels like we’re already back on track to experience all the great things he’s planning for us! By the way, do you know the real difference between him and Rommney?”

“I don’t know. What?”

“Think about it!”

“What’s to think about? Besides, I don’t have time right now. I’ve got to get back to work.”

“What are you doing for a living these days?”

“I sew the balls on teddy bears. It’s not very interesting, but it pays the bills.”

“I thought you had a graduate degree in economics.”

“I do.”

“So why are you sewing balls on teddy bears?”

“After the ‘crash’ it was the only job I could find. It was offered through a government sponsored endangered species stimulus package. I got it because they needed someone who could count.”

“That makes sense. By the way…who makes the teddy’s balls?”

“My wife does. She fashions them out of dried apricots.”

“Cool!” So…what do you do in your spare time?”

“Well, my wife spends her free time crosstitching solutions to Sudoku puzzles, and I’m currently studying Chinese marketing.”

“No kidding! How come?”

“Because as soon as we’ve finished this project we’re moving to China.”

“Wow! What are you going to do there?”

“Earn a living!”


A slightly different version of this was originally posted about two years ago (October 29, 2010) with the hope that by now at least a few positive changes would have taken place. So much for wishful thinking! ;-)