What Is Life?

What is Life

What is Life?

Life is what you believe it to be,
Until you believe otherwise.

What is Love?

Love is what you feel it to be,
Until you feel otherwise.

What is Reality?

Reality is what you see it to be,
Until you see otherwise.

What is Death?

Death is what you think it will be,
Until you think no more.

* * *


Impulsive Writing (31)

Rock + Water = Time

Rock + Water = Time

If nothing changes, does it happen in time?

The concept of change effectively defines what is meant by identity. More specifically, for something to have a distinct identity it must exhibit resistance to change.

For example, pick up and try biting a rock. What you immediately discover is that it likes being what it is, and isn’t terribly interested in changing either its position or size. Yet, over time, it will inevitably do both…when it comes into direct contact with another, equally resistant identity. Of course if it is floating in space, unless it strikes another rock it will likely retain its unique ‘state of being’ for a very long time. But if it resides at the bottom of a stream, or the edge of a river, it will inevitably be reduced over time to bits of sand, and then be further reduced to smaller particles (e.g., molecules) which will eventually dissolve and become part of the surrounding water. So…first rock, then water.*

And thus it is ‘change’ (in terms of ‘identity’) that defines time. So…slow change, slow time. Fast change, fast time. No change, no time. (If you wonder about the difference between fast and slow time, in terms of change…imagine being an electron in the middle of a nuclear explosion. Then imagine that same electron residing deep in an iceberg. ;-)

*Which then eventually evaporates and separates into air and sand…and may again become a rock, given enough time. (But that’s another story.)

* * *

Quiz: If you take a picture of a rock, develop and frame it, then hang it on your wall…will the photo of that rock never change? Or is it now an ‘identity’ (independent of the rock it depicts) who’s time has just begun…changing, as it slowly fades away in the light of day?

He Got The Message

She’d left it at the front desk.

“Meet me at the used bookstore at Provinski Square a little before five. When you get there, buy the green copy of Great Expectations that has a small piece missing from the top of its cover. Make sure they put it in a bag. When you see me coming, leave the store, turn right and walk toward the subway entrance. I’ll be right behind you. Have the bag under your arm. I’ll exchange it with my copy (which contains the codes you need) as we pass through the entrance area. Once we’re inside, you head toward the information kiosk, and I’ll continue to the escalator. As soon as I’m out of sight, leave the station and walk across the square. You’ll see a black Yugo parked on the other side. The driver will be standing next to it. He’ll take you where you need to go.”

It was now five o’clock. It was cold and starting to rain. He had the book, and was waiting just inside the store entrance. He could see the black Yugo parked across the square. The driver was pacing back and forth on the sidewalk next to it, and appeared to be nervous.

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Impulsive Writing (24)

Impulsive Writing (24)

Quoth the raven, “Nevermore”

He slammed down the volume of verse he’d been reading, stood up, and began glaring at his image reflected in the mirror above his dresser. Then he slowly opened the top drawer, pulled out his pistol, and shot himself in the face.

The bullet easily passed through the mirror, the wall behind, and then sped across the living room of the apartment next door.

Jane Farber was standing next to the window watching birds flitting about in the tree outside when she felt the sharp blow to her throat. At that same moment the window cracked and all the birds suddenly flew from the tree. And as she fell to the floor, that was the last thing she would see.

The Power Of Words

In the top dresser drawer, beneath her underwear, was an unopened envelope.

It had been there for several days. She hadn’t opened it yet because she knew it contained something that would profoundly change her life. If it was what she hoped it might be, her fondest dreams would come true. But if not, it would be the beginning of her worst nightmare.

Finally, after a week of anguish and indecision, and with her stomach tied in a knot, she opened the drawer, pulled out the envelope and withdrew the small handwritten note inside. It contained only three words: Click here to see the note…